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Welcome to my website. It's been quite a journey as I've watched my first book go from an idea to a beautifully illustrated children's book, then to grocery store shelves on the Cheerios box to! Please sign up for my e-blasts. I'll let you know as I add games and activities for families!


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The Great Dog Wash Nominated for the Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award.

The Children’s Services Round Table of the Missouri Library Association has chosen The Great Dog Wash to compete for their annual award.  Chosen by the pre-schoolers themselves, this program is designed to encourage parents and care-givers to read to the children, who them vote on their favorite.  Voting ended December 31, 2010 and I’m waiting for the results!  

What they’re saying about The Great Dog Wash

Winner of the 2007 Cheerios Spoonful of Stories Children’s Book Contest, Braeuner strikes an upbeat chord for her debut, which is altogether fitting for a book that is being included in boxes of breakfast cereal. In the spirit of P. D. Eastman’s Go, Dog, Go!(1961), the story celebrates what turns into a major party: the Great Dog Wash jamboree! Braeuner starts her cheerful rhyming in an orderly fashion to match the optimistic plan (“Big dogs and small dogs, / come one and all dogs. / We’re having a dog wash today!”). When a cat appears and a dog stampede ensues, the rhymes get shaggier until some order is restored. Neubecker’s digital illustrations don’t contain a great deal of character or detail but they are vivid and lively enough to match the energy of the text. The children come in all sizes and colors, cooperating nicely for this big project, and the dogs are varied as well, if not quite as well behaved.

— Abby Nolan of Booklist Online

Short, rhyming text, bold but simple illustrations and a pack of cheerful canines add up to a winning dog tale that is simple enough for younger preschoolers who are just starting to enjoy their first stories with a complete plot. An enterprising group of children organizes the doggie-bathing project using a washtub and hose, a method that works well until a cat strolls into the scene, causing a ruckus, as the soapy pooches follow the cat to a nearby tree. The clever kids adjust to the circumstances, moving their washing operation to a new site under the tree, where they shampoo and rinse the dogs as a pack. Neubecker uses a jazzy palette of olive green, strawberry and banana yellow for his cartoon-style illustrations, with thick, black outlines and lots of water drips and shampoo bubbles flying across the pages. The dogs are an amiable bunch, thoroughly enjoying their new hairdos, bows and bandanas, and the multiethnic group of children is a confidence-inspiring creative group whose know-how and adaptability give them something both fun and worthwhile to do on a warm summer day. (Picture book. 2-6)

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